Another day begins for Ancient Battles. The Strategos Andria commanding a defensive kneeling line of HOPLITES supported by PELTAST and archer.

A small HOPLITES combat formation flanked by Thracian light infantry. The training begins at the lake Rodrigo de Freitas, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

(Remark the PHALANX deep rooted position)


Persian troops and mercenary City-State soldier facing the Phalanx. The Strategos Andria instructing both lines.

Tactic trainings. PERSIAN Skirmishers against Hoplites.

Repetition is the key. We have acquired a field tested experience of what is real and what is pure fantasy from modern minds.

The Strategos training the phalanx formation line to move as one.


The endless trainings, the hard study of ancient patterns and real technics grant to Ancient Battles all its seriousness.


To create unity and discipline, formation drills are exhaustively practiced, thoughout all kind of terrain.


Singing the PEAN, rhythming the PHALANX advance.


The Phalanx :

The overlapping shield wall, the stepping, the timing... Its strength.


Things get rough!

This is why we use wooden weapons. In full contact free-fighting combat, things get rough and people can sustain a certain level of injures. With a blunt steel blade, Gustavo (on the ground) would had been seriously cut, plus a broken knee. With a real sharp blade, his leg would have been cut off at knee level.



Close range fighting. Where the PANKRATION reaches the battlefield.

Sword and shield drills. Here a duel with attack and parry.


The duel.


The Strategos Andria against Reginaldo, Greek peltastes. double weapons mastery against sword & shield.

2 against 1 - hoplites duel (see how the 2 hoplites work together protecting themselves, waiting to lunch their spears: 1 high, 1 low).


The talent comes from mastering in PHALANX combat situation the correct combinations between the body unity, the shield and the weapon.



Persian and allies in an effort to break the hoplites formation. It is a brutal confrontation of arms.


A kneeling Greek formation with a PELTAST hold the high ground against a Persian advance.

A mixed Persian troop have a group of hoplites pin down.

AYMARA "THANVABARA", Persian Archer.


Catharina, Thracian Peltastes and Tamara.


Pankrasos: "all powers". The fighting system of the ancient City-States Greeks.


In this Pankration movement: a breaking neck twist with body lock and a knee thrust to the throat.















HEGEMON & SRATEGOS Andria. In the shadow of Ares.


LEONARDO - Phrygian axeman.




DAVID - Persian officer.

AYMARA - Persian light troops.



(L. to R.) CATHARINA Thracian mercenary - LEONARDO, Phrygian axeman - AYMARA, Persian archer - DAVID, Persian Immortal heavy infantry officer.


City-States HOPLITES.



"HOPLITAI", 3 hoplites.

After a harsh day of battle, few bites in a tastefull frugal meal, grant us a some small measure of peace.

An offering to the Olympian Gods



The banquet

Lay down your arms, let the warrior at rest. Now, feast children, enjoy the simple pleasures of life. (Dark bred, olives, goat cheese, nuts, honeybred, grappes, apple, peaches...).