Ancient Battles artisanally handcrafts almost everything: armors and peaces of armor, shields, weapons (spears, swords, daggers and knives, axes, bows & arrows), clothes, etc... Some of our helmets come from established sellers, then customized and reshaped for authenticity and security. That is why our procuctions are so unique !





THESSALIAN helmet, engraved "KORINTHOS KRANOS", classical Corinthian, PHRYGIAN hard skin goat cap, PERSIAN hardened leather helm with brass embossed plates.

Two classical Corinthians helmets (KORINTHOS KRANOI) and a Phrigian leather & brass helm.


The ASPIS KOILÉ (wrongly called HOPLON), GORGON symbol.

A Greek shield with the eye of the Olympian God "APOLLON", Master of the Sun, for emblem.



IONIAN GREEK ASPIDA. The scorpion, symbol of ARES.


A persian ASPIDA, with the painting of AHRIMAN'S griffin . A rought adaptation of the traditional greek ASPIS KOILE.


Greek PELTA with the traditional "ATHENAIA" owl painting (BUBO).


The PELTA armband and hand grip.


A Persian straight sword and a TAKA (pelta).

A Phrygian PELTA, linen painted face cover with leather stiched rim.


The inside face of a Greek ASPIS KOILÈ & a rectangular Persian GHERRON shield, locked in a brutal clash.

The aspis inside view, with its brass embossed PORPAX (armband).


Gustavo's HOPLITE armour. The leather THORAX with embossed brass plates and leather hardened scales, the KHEIR (vambraces) plus the Aspis shield with the Gorgon symbol.



RAFAEL full armour. Our handcrafted productions are historically true with a special care taken on the finitions.

This was a thick peace of leather, boiled, handmolded, waxed and coocked to form a strong Greek breastplate (with straps and hinges).

"Special request" for one of our female Persian sister. A molded leather breastplate and a mix leather and embossed brass Persian helmet. The handmade process included: molding, waxing with a natural beewax, cooking plus finitions (natural black paint and pinetree varnish).

A mix of Greek and Persian armours and weapons.




From left to right: ASSYRIAN dagger, 2 Persian AKINAKÈS, Greek dagger & ENKEIRIDION, IONIAN small dagger.


From left to right: Persian spear butt cap, Greek spear head (for training), 2 Greeks butt spikes (for training) and a replica of a Greek bronze butt spike (SARAUTER).


From left to right: Thracian RHOMPHAIA, Persian sword, AKINAKÈS, Greek HARPÉ, XIPHOS, 2 Greek daggers. Our newest productions come with leather handgrip and for some sword an aluminium guard.


Table artefacts. The old ways...

"AMPHOROS ATTIKAE" and some clay drinking bottles.